A Renewable Fuel Choice for Wisconsin.

Take Action

We need your help to tell the EPA that changing the requirements is a mistake. We have four specific asks for you as a supporter. 

1. Please visit the Growth Energy Website at the following link and sign the petition asking the EPA to preserve the RFS. This submission process will send a letter to you federal elected representatives and EPA Secretary Gina McCarthy.

Submit a letter to the EPA with the easy-to-use templates at Growth Energy.

2. Please  Sign up for the Wisconsin Ethanol Coalition’s petition to protect the bio industry in Wisconsin, (you have the option to opt in or out of our updates).

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3. Share this news with your friends on FaceBook. You can include any of the above links. Use your network of supporters to talk to the EPA.

4. Share this news with your followers on Twitter. Here is a sample tweet.

Tell the #EPA that changing the #RFS is a step in the wrong direction for #AmericanJobs. Sign the @WBIA petition http://www.wisconsinethanol.com/take-action/